Friday, October 5, 2012

Korean Slang (3) - Nice Face, Good body

짱(Jjang) means the captain, the boss, the best. It comes from 장 of  사장(CEO), 교장(Principal), 반장(Class President)....etc.
If you say '너 짱이다!'(Nuh Jjang-i-da), that means you are the best.

1) 얼짱(euljjang)

얼짱 is a short form of 얼굴짱(eulguljjang). People don't use 얼굴짱 as a word, though. You only use 얼짱. 얼짱 became so popular that people don't use 얼굴짱. 얼굴 is face.
얼짱 means the best face.
We call a very good-looking people 얼짱.
구혜선(Goohyesun) was a very famous 얼짱 in Incheon. She became popular on the internet, and she became an actress.

Her drama 꽃보다 남자 'Boys over Flowers' became a real big hit. 


몸짱 means literally the best body.
There was a 몸짱 아줌마(ajumma). 아줌마 means a married woman. However, you may not want to use it to any married woman. It might offend someone because when people think of 아줌마, they are around 40 or 50s or even 60s who are very tough and a bit old fashioned. So.. be careful when you are using 아줌마. That means don't use it to me!!! lol.
Anyway, this 몸짱 아줌마 was very popular because she had a killing body even after she had two babies.

Check her out.

Wow.....  She is in her 40s. Can you believe that??

Let's look at another one.

Hmmmm. I like them . I know you like them, too. hahahaha.
I am a woman, and I like them... ^^;;;;;;;;

Anyway, let's all start working out!

See you. :)