Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korean Slang (5) - 딸바보, 아들바보

1. 딸바보 (Talbabo)
딸(Tal) means a daughter. 바보(Babo) means a fool or a stupid person. If those words come together, that means a person who adores/ is crazy about/can do anything for his or her daughter. Most dads are 딸바보.

2. 아들바보(Adeulbabo)
아들 means a son. So you can guess what this means?? :)

Yep. We call a dad or a mom who LOVES his/her son. We call them Babo because this love makes them blind and a fool. hahaha.

So, James and I are both 딸바보!!!!!

Daddy and Mommy love you, Yuri!!! Muah!!

One more word before we call it a post!

팔불출 (Pal-Bul-Chul)
This means a man who keeps telling others how great his wife is. That is sweet, but if it just too much, people will call you 팔불출.
People used to use this usually to a man, but now we use this to any one (a wife or a dad or a mom).

I don't care people call me 팔불출. I love my baby, Yuri, and she is the cutest to me!!!!


  1. Your baby is so cute!!....I remember when my boyfriend got so offended by his teacher because he called him 딸바보, my boyfriend (who is a third generation korean) thought his teacher was saying our future daughter was going to be stupid like him ...what a Misunderstanding! Lol!!

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  3. Thank you very much. Your "lessons" are always really helpful.