Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Korean Baby Talk

Since I am using Korean to my baby girl, I get to use some Korean baby words to her. I try not to use it because I think it might not really necessary to use baby words and then teach her some 'adult' words latter on. But, I thought it might be interesting to list some Korean baby words. It is really easy to pronounce since babies are supposed to learn this easily.

1. 맘마 (mam-ma)
맘마 means food. The normal word for 맘마 is 음식(Eum-shik).
But we use 맘마 to babies.

Example: 유리, 맘마 먹자. (Yuri, Mamma Meokja) Yuri, let's eat food.

2. 지지 (jiji)
지지 means dirty. The normal word for 지지 is 더러운(Deo-reo-un).
You say something is 지지 so that the baby should not touch it.

Example: 유리, 그거 지지야. 만지지 마세요. (Yuri, geu-keo jijiya. Manjiji maseyo.) Yuri, that is dirty. Don't touch it.

지지 means support for adult words. If you say I 지지 Obama(오바마를 지지하다), that means you support Obama.

3. 까까(kkakka)
까까 means snack. The normal word for 까까 is 과자(Kwaja).

Example: 유리, 까까줄까? (Yuri, kkakka julka?) Yuri, do you want some snack?


  1. Very interesting. I watch The Return of Superman and I keep hearing words such as 까까 and 맘마. I thought they were actual words that adults use, guess they have an alternative version. Thanks for this! :D

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