Sunday, October 7, 2012

Korean Slang (4) - Sad, Sorry

1) 안습이다 (Anseup-i-da)

안습 is 구에 기차다.  안구(Angu) is eyeball. 습기 means moisture. 습기차다 is to get moist. If your eyeballs get moist, that means you are welling up and tearing up. So, 안습이다 means this/that gets my eyeballs moist, this makes me sad and cry.

If things are a bit sad, you can say '안습이다.' You don't use this for the real serious stuff. You will not say this to a friend whose dad has just passed away. Remember!! This is a slang!

These are the 안습 pictures of dogs.

2) 지못미 (Jimotmi)

지못미 is 켜주지 안해(Sorry for not protecting you)
You usually use this when somebody does not look good in a picture. Basically, you did not photoshop it or delete it to save their faces. You did not protect them. lol.

These are 지못미 pictures of my baby.
Yuri, Sorry for posting these. Sorry for not protecting you. 지못미..

지못미 지못미 지못미 지못미 지못미

AAAwwwww. 안습이다.


See you again. Have a nice day! :)


  1. But as for Yuri, those for photos were cute!

  2. I beleive that in the childhoods of the greatest heroes and villians in our history, there is a catalyst that mad them who they were. For Yuri, aroun the age of 13, she will discover your betrayal, that you posted those pics of her and it will set her on a path of destruction, on a crusade to destroy all cameras and video equipment.

    Which is sad because they are really cute pics! LOL!