Friday, October 26, 2012

Difference between Women and Men

This picture has been posted on an online game community forum.
This shows that how men and women are so different.

So for a woman, there are various kinds of men.

친구, 애인, 그냥 아는 오빠,  소개팅한 남자, 전에 사귀던 남자, 요즘 연락하는 사람, 좋아하는 남자 연예인

친구(Chingu) is a friend.

애인(Ae-in) is a lover(boyfriend or girlfriend).

그냥 아는 오빠(Keu-nyang Aneun oppa) means a boy(older than me) I just know.

소개팅한 남자(Sogaetinghan namja) is a man who I went on a blind-date with. 

전에 사귀던 남자(Jeone saguideon namja) is a man who I dated before or ex-boyfriend.

요즘 연락하는 사람(Yojeum yeollackhaneun saram) is a man who I have been in touch with.

좋아하는 남자 연예인(Choahaneun namja yeonyein) is a celebrity that I like.

Here, the three words that I would like to teach you are 소개팅, 사귀다, and 오빠.

소개팅(Sogaeting) is consisted of 소개(Sogae - Introduction) + 팅(Ting). Ting is from Meeting. In Korea, if someone is going on a meeting, that means that will have a group blind-date. It can be a meeting at work like what we normally use, but it can be a group blind-date, so be careful! lol.
So, 소개팅 is a word from Korean word and English word. It is a bit weird... anyway.. It means a blind-date. If someone sets you guys up to meet, that is 소개팅.

사귀다(Saguida) means date steadily. 너 나랑 사귈래? means 'Do you want to become my boyfriend(girlfriend)?'

오빠 means an older brother. We use 오빠 to anyone who is older than you and you feel quite close to. A lot of people know Oppa, Gangnam style. We use Oppa to anyone who is older. If you use that to any man, they will like you a lot. 

For a man, there are only two types of women. Either 친구(just Friend) or 애인(Lover, girlfriend). lol.

Do you think that it is right in your country, too??

Korean people agree with this a lot on this forum. :)

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