Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blind date - 미팅, 소개팅

미팅(miting) is 'Meeting.' It has two meanings. The first one is like english, 'meeting' at a company. The other one is 'group blind date.' Since you meet someone for the first time, we call a blind date  미팅. If there are three girls who want to meet guys, a friend of them can introduce three guys to them. That is 미팅.

You do 미팅a lot when you go to college since you have almost no time to meet people and date in high school. You are supposed to study for a college and then you can date after you become a college student.

소개팅(Sogeting) is a combined word of 소개(soge) and 팅(ting). 소개 is introduction. 팅 is from 미팅. So this is an 1 on 1 blind date. Your friend hooks you up with another opposite sex.

Korean people are quite shy, so they would hardly approach some strangers and start talking to them. So... even if a Korean man meet his ideal woman on the street, he will probably not approach her. And, if you approach her and try to get her number or something, she will think that you are a player trying to pick up girls on the street. So... Korean people sometimes complain that they can't meet new people. so, they ask their friends to introduce somebody to them so that they can meet new people and possibly start dating.

Anyway, if you are still single, I hope you will find someone for you soon. :)


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