Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Words related to College Life - 미팅, 소개팅, 동아리, 엠티

I think Korean people have the most fun time in college in their life in general.
When you are a high school student, you hardly have free time because you need to study to get into a  college. It is really stressful. We even have a joke that there are three types of people in the world, men, women, and high school seniors.
Anyway, once you are done with high school life, you enter a college. (Around 80% of Korean high school students go to a college. That is really high.)
You start doing a lot of fun things like 미팅(miting), 소개팅(sogeting).
미팅 is a group blind date.
소개팅 is a 1 on 1 blind date.
Your parents will not be against you dating anyone now. You are in a college!!!
You do lots of blind dates.

You join 동아리(dong-ari). 동아리 is a group(circle).  When I was in a college, I joined a travel 동아리 and a choir 동아리. The travel 동아리 got together a lot and drank a lot, so I didn't really like it and quit it. I really like the choir, and I still talk to people in the choir.

You go to lots of 엠티(emti). 엠티is MT(Membership Training). It is basically people in a same major or 동아리 go to the countryside, rent a house, play games, and drink alcohol together. It is usually one night and 2 days activity.

You drink beer!

You drink soju!!

And then, you pass out and sleep like this......

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