Saturday, April 25, 2015

Korean Folk Songs Book Review

Korena Folk Songs Book Review

I would like to introduce a very good book to learn Korean folk songs and learn Korean at the same time.

The book introduces Korean folk songs that are traditionally popular among Korean people. Most Korean people know the songs very well or heard the songs a lot of time throughout their life.

These are the list of the songs in the book.

The book explains about the songs in English so you can understand the origin of the songs.

Three Bears Song is a very popular among Korean kids and My baby Yuri loves the song too! :)

You can see how you can sing through the music score and the Lyric section has three types of lyrics, Korean, Romanized Korean, English Translation.
This will help you sing the song in Korean and understand what  it means.

They even have a CD inside the book and you can listen to the songs and sing along. You can sing by yourself like a karaoke because they even provide an instrumental version.

This is my video review of the book. You can listen to a part of the songs. :)

I think this is a very good book for you if you are person who like to learn Korean in a more fun way. Memorizing songs is a very good method to learn foreign languages.

This is a video of Yuri singing "Three Bears Song(곰세마리)"

I always sing with my baby so that she can learn Korean easily. :)