Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Korean Fashion Terms (2) - Tops

1. 셔츠 (sheocheu) - Shirt

반팔셔츠 (Banpalsheocheu ) - Short sleeved shirt
Among 반팔셔츠, 티셔츠 (Tisheocheu) indicates a shirt which doesn't have a collar.
폴로셔츠(Polosheocheu) is a shirt which has a collar.

Since I like Lee Hyori, I will post a lot of Hyori's pictures today. ;)
This is 티셔츠. It doesn't have any collar.

Golf players usually wear 폴로셔츠.

Nice looking 폴로셔츠

긴팔셔츠(Kinpalsheocheu) - a long sleeved shirt

Pretty Hyori with 긴팔셔츠

2. 나시(Nashi) - Sleeveless Shirt

끈나시(Kkeunnashi) - Top with a strap

3. 배꼽티 (Bekkobti) - Short top showing your belly button
배꼽(Bekkob) is Belly Button.

I know you guys want more pictures with 배꼽티, but I will stop here. lol.

4. 탱크탑(Tangkeutap) - Tank Top  - A short sleeveless shirt

5. 블라우스 (Beullauseu) - Blouse - A dressy women's shirt with buttons

시스루 블라우스 (Siseuru Beullauseu) - See-through Blouse
Nowadays, 시스루 블라우스 is popular in Korea.

Usually, people don't wear 시스루 블라우스 like this. People put 나시 inside, but Hyuna is supposed to be sexy, so that is how she wears it. 

6. 와이셔츠 (Waisheocheu) - Men's dress shirt

A lot of men's fantasy is being with a girl with only 와이셔츠.

A lot of Korean celebrities take pictures like this because many men like this.

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