Monday, November 5, 2012

Korean idioms (2) - 눈이 높다 (Eyes are high??), 콧대가 높다 (Nose is high?)

눈이 높다(Nuni nopda.) literally means Eyes are high.

Maybe... like this???

But, obviously, that doesn't make sense.
Anyway.. this actually means your standard is high. Especially, when you look at the opposite sex, if you want so many things from the opposite sex, you can say you are 눈이 높다. If they say, boys should be tall, funny, has a lot of money, went to a good school, has a good job.... blah blah blah.. their eyes are just too high.

ex) 우리 누나는 눈이 너무 높아 아직도 결혼을 못했어.

콧대가 높다 literally means nose is high.

Like this!

You can use it like that with a real physical appearance.
But also, you can use it as 'snobby.' 

So... if someone's 콧대가 높다, that person is prideful, snobby, stuck-up, stubborn...all combined together. 

Ex) 대학 가더니 콧대만 높아졌어.

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