Thursday, November 22, 2012

Korean people use N-word all the time?

One day, I was hanging out with my friends.
My cell phone rang, and I picked up. I started talking in Korean.
After I was done, my friends were like...'OMG, did you just say the 'N-word' over and over again?

I used it so many times that they couldn't miss it.

Well... Let me tell ya.

I didn't use the 'N-word.' The word in Korean just sounds similar to it.

There are two.
내가 and 니가
내가(Nega) means 'I' when you are emphasizing 'I' in the sentence. 
니가(Niga) means 'YOU' when you are emphasizing 'You' in the sentence.

Well.. so... when I told them that, they all laughed.

If you don't know that, you might get offended.

There was one black guy who went to Korea and thought that some old man call him 'nigga' and assulted the old man. It is really bad.

If you want to check the video out, this is the video.
It is a really sad video...

Let's learn at least some basic language before you visit the country.


  1. *sigh*
    It's hard enough being black as it is. That is another reason why I am extremely nice and choose to say that way. I was raised to be respectful...

    It's sad, because those people on the bus who thought that all black people act that way because they see it on TV will continue to think that way because of what happen in front of them. An angry black person.

    That is why I am somewhat afraid to visit another country because I don't want to be grouped with these type of people. I don't act that way.

    Even I knew that 니가 was "You", but obviously not everyone is learning Korean like I am.

    I will be forever embarrassed by people like this. Any smart person would have a least asked someone to translate what he said.

    -Robin J.

  2. Ugh. There's always one. People who are ignorant really shouldn't travel.

  3. that guys a bastard. like he should atleast know basic korean so he could ask why the man said it.

  4. Did this guy go to jail? He should've. I'm black and when I started listening to Kpop I heard the words Niga and Neaga, so I looked them up to see what they meant. That fool should've had some basic Korean knowledge. Effing idiot.