Thursday, November 22, 2012

Slang related to 'Appearance.' - 간지난다

간지난다(Ganjinanda) is similar to 멋있다(Meosita). While 멋있다 is 'looking good,' 간지난다 means 'fashionable' and 'looking good with nice clothes' with fierceness and edge.

간지 is actually from 'Kanji' from Japanese. It is 'feeling' or 'vibe.'
So, if you translate 간지난다, it will be 'giving off good vibes.'

So, 간지난다 is 'fashionable' and 'looking good.(This doesn't means handsome. It should be more of fashionably looking good.)' and giving off fierce and edge vibes.

Gosh... He is just 간지 himself.
We call him 소간지(Soganji) since his lastname is So.
He is Bi Rain. We call him 비간지(Biganji).

Many Koreans also say Blacks are 간지난다.
We say 흑인간지(Heuginganji).

My hubby, James has some 간지, right? lol.
For some men readers, I need to put some women pictures.
I think the woman who has the most 간지 might be Rihanna.
Look at her. She is just 간지. I might need to call her '리간지(Riganji).' lol.

Wow. Wow. I like her. hee hee.
And... maybe another might be Blake Lively.
She is Serena in Gossip Girl.
She has real 간지.

She is only wearing this school uniform, and she just looks great!
Anyway, who else has 간지 for you guys? :)

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