Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Korean baby words

Yuri is 22 months old, and she uses Korean words to express herself since I speak Korean to her.

Let's learn some Korean baby words!

1. Milk - 쭈쭈 (Choo choo)

This is one of the first words that Yuri started to say. She loves drinking milk, so she says 쭈쭈 to let me know that she wants milk.

Yuri is drinking mommy's 쭈쭈.

She was 12 months, and she was hungry!

2. Cookies, Biscuits, chips (snack) - 까까 (Kaka)
She likes to eat 까까  for her snack. 까까 is like baby's cookies. It doesn't need to be necessarily cookies. It can be popcorns, cereal. Anything tastes good can be 까까.

3. Dirty - 지지 (Jiji)
I tell her something is 지지 and she shouldn't touch it. She understands it and usually repeats it and say "No" which means she shouldn't touch it. Her "No" has many different meanings. :)

The other day, I posted a video of Yuri smiling. Yuri smiled and then started sucking James's keys. My viewers said she shouldn't suck keys since they are dirty. 
Oh, right I should have said "지지."

But, Yuri's smile in the video was so precious, so please enjoy her smile! :)

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