Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Korean Slang- Konglish 'Event.'

이벤트(Ibenteu) is basically 'Event' in Konglish.

In a dictionary, the word 'event' means
a. Something that takes place; an occurrence.
b. A significant occurrence or happening.
c. A social gathering or activity.

So, it is just any occurrence in English.

But, in Konglish, we use 이벤트 as a very special occurrence or some special thing that you do for somebody.

If a store holds 이벤트 an event, that means they might have some major sale for customers or bring some celebrities to the store so more customers can come to the store.

Black Friday, Black Saturday, Cyber Monday are considered 이벤트 in Korea.

This is an 이벤트 of 'Study abroad agency.'
They are saying they will give out some scholarship since they just opened a website about going to Japan.

Dunkin Donuts is doing some 이벤트 on Valentines day. If they buy something for their Valentines, they might win some prizes!

The loan company is doing some 이벤트 saying they will loan some money without interest for 7 days.

You can do some 이벤트 between couples.

If someone 이벤트하다 for her boyfriend or his girlfriend, that means they will throw some surprise party or propose with some music, songs in a nice place.

They do 이벤트 for their boyfriend or girlfriends' birthdays, anniversaries, 100 days after they became boyfriend or girlfriend, Valentine day, some special day, proposal, etc...

They light some candles and confess their love.

They reserve a coffee shop or a restaurant and decorate the place and confess their love with their friends.

They propose outside in public with strangers looking at them.

Especially women dream about romantic 이벤트 from their boyfriends, so many Korean guys are a bit pressured to do those 이벤트 since many other guys do it and their girlfriends get jealous and put some pressure to them.

이벤트 between couples takes place usually in public. They confess their love in the movie theater or they propose in a big coffee shop where there are many people.

Korea is such an 이벤트 country. If you don't do 이벤트, you are just not romantic and your girlfriend might think that you don't deserve a girlfriend. lol.

This is proposal 이벤트 which took place in Gangnam.

Here, a groom does 이벤트 at his wedding for his bride.

So... if you want a Korea girlfriend, REMEMBER! 이벤트 is very important! Especially in PUBLIC!! like in a movie!!!!

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