Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Konglish words? How can I pronounce them?

Since Korean letters don't have certain sounds that English has, we write some sounds in Korean letters which sound similar to the english letters.

 Korean language does not have 'f' 'v' 'th'(in Thanks) 'th'(in Mother) 'l' 'r' 'z' sounds.
 For 'l' 'r' sounds, we have very similar 'r' sound, but if you listen carefully, it is not really either 'l' or 'r.'

When you hear 'ra' in Camera, it is not 'l' or 'r'. You have to pronounce it placing your tip of the tongue right in the middle of the mouth ceiling.

Check this how 'orange' sounds.

That is how you should pronounce Korean 'r.'

As you just notice from the sound 'orange,' we always finish any words with either vowel or 'm' 'n' 'p' 'b' 'ng' 't'. If the ending sound is 'g' like Orange, you need to put a vowel to complete the word. We put 'i.'

Since we don't have 'v' sound, we change it to 'b' sound.

This one, too. Not video, it is bidio. :)

Since we don't have 'f' sound we change it to 'p' sound.

Kiss finishes with 's' sound which is not allowed to end with in Korean language, so we put 'eu' sound at the end.
This one, too. not just 't' you have to say 'teu.'

We don't have 'z' sound. so we just use 'j' sound.

For 'th' in thanks, we use 's' sound, and for 'th' in mother, we use 'd' sound.

Now, if you hear any Konglish words, you will be able to understand them! Yay!! :)

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