Saturday, April 25, 2015

Korean Folk Songs Book Review

Korena Folk Songs Book Review

I would like to introduce a very good book to learn Korean folk songs and learn Korean at the same time.

The book introduces Korean folk songs that are traditionally popular among Korean people. Most Korean people know the songs very well or heard the songs a lot of time throughout their life.

These are the list of the songs in the book.

The book explains about the songs in English so you can understand the origin of the songs.

Three Bears Song is a very popular among Korean kids and My baby Yuri loves the song too! :)

You can see how you can sing through the music score and the Lyric section has three types of lyrics, Korean, Romanized Korean, English Translation.
This will help you sing the song in Korean and understand what  it means.

They even have a CD inside the book and you can listen to the songs and sing along. You can sing by yourself like a karaoke because they even provide an instrumental version.

This is my video review of the book. You can listen to a part of the songs. :)

I think this is a very good book for you if you are person who like to learn Korean in a more fun way. Memorizing songs is a very good method to learn foreign languages.

This is a video of Yuri singing "Three Bears Song(곰세마리)"

I always sing with my baby so that she can learn Korean easily. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Korean Fashion Terms (2) - Tops

1. 셔츠 (sheocheu) - Shirt

반팔셔츠 (Banpalsheocheu ) - Short sleeved shirt
Among 반팔셔츠, 티셔츠 (Tisheocheu) indicates a shirt which doesn't have a collar.
폴로셔츠(Polosheocheu) is a shirt which has a collar.

Since I like Lee Hyori, I will post a lot of Hyori's pictures today. ;)
This is 티셔츠. It doesn't have any collar.

Golf players usually wear 폴로셔츠.

Nice looking 폴로셔츠

긴팔셔츠(Kinpalsheocheu) - a long sleeved shirt

Pretty Hyori with 긴팔셔츠

2. 나시(Nashi) - Sleeveless Shirt

끈나시(Kkeunnashi) - Top with a strap

3. 배꼽티 (Bekkobti) - Short top showing your belly button
배꼽(Bekkob) is Belly Button.

I know you guys want more pictures with 배꼽티, but I will stop here. lol.

4. 탱크탑(Tangkeutap) - Tank Top  - A short sleeveless shirt

5. 블라우스 (Beullauseu) - Blouse - A dressy women's shirt with buttons

시스루 블라우스 (Siseuru Beullauseu) - See-through Blouse
Nowadays, 시스루 블라우스 is popular in Korea.

Usually, people don't wear 시스루 블라우스 like this. People put 나시 inside, but Hyuna is supposed to be sexy, so that is how she wears it. 

6. 와이셔츠 (Waisheocheu) - Men's dress shirt

A lot of men's fantasy is being with a girl with only 와이셔츠.

A lot of Korean celebrities take pictures like this because many men like this.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Korean baby words

Yuri is 22 months old, and she uses Korean words to express herself since I speak Korean to her.

Let's learn some Korean baby words!

1. Milk - 쭈쭈 (Choo choo)

This is one of the first words that Yuri started to say. She loves drinking milk, so she says 쭈쭈 to let me know that she wants milk.

Yuri is drinking mommy's 쭈쭈.

She was 12 months, and she was hungry!

2. Cookies, Biscuits, chips (snack) - 까까 (Kaka)
She likes to eat 까까  for her snack. 까까 is like baby's cookies. It doesn't need to be necessarily cookies. It can be popcorns, cereal. Anything tastes good can be 까까.

3. Dirty - 지지 (Jiji)
I tell her something is 지지 and she shouldn't touch it. She understands it and usually repeats it and say "No" which means she shouldn't touch it. Her "No" has many different meanings. :)

The other day, I posted a video of Yuri smiling. Yuri smiled and then started sucking James's keys. My viewers said she shouldn't suck keys since they are dirty. 
Oh, right I should have said "지지."

But, Yuri's smile in the video was so precious, so please enjoy her smile! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Korean Fashion Terms (1) Skirt, Pants

1. 치마(Chima) - Skirt
Even though Skirt is 치마, when we talk about mini skirt or long skirt. We just use our Konglish pronunciation.

미니 스커트(Mini Seukeoteu) for  Mini Skirt

Rihanna is such a barbie doll.

Their skirts look too short. -_-;;;

롱 스커트 (Long Seukeoteu) for Long Skirt (Maxi Skirt)

This can be a long skirt, I guess. 

It is long, just with a slit.

3. 바지 (Baji) - Pants

반바지(Banbaji) for shorts
Me and My baby. :)

Hyomin (Korean singer)

Hmmm... Will you at least find your size?

Shorts that are very short are called 핫팬츠(Hatpenteu). 핫팬츠 is from Hot Pants. I guess if shorts are very short, they make you hot?? Anyway,
Too short.

Please.... don't....

Are these panties or shorts?

A dad in Utah got so fed up with his teenage daughter's short shorts, and he decided to wear these.

Yes, you are the best Dad EVER. lol.

긴바지(Kinbaji) for long pants

I like this color. :)

Victoria, don't you think the pants are a bit too long?

This is not how you wear long pants, dude.

Thanks for reading the post!!!

While googling, I found Blake Lively's beautiful dress. I want to have it!

Please wait for the next post, Korean Fashion Terms (2)!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Top 3 Sexiest Celebrities in Korea

How do you say "Sexy celebrity" in Korean?

"Celebrity" in Korean is 스타(Seuta). 스타 is from "Star" in English.
"Sexy" is 섹시한(Sexihan). -한 makes a none an adjective.

A Korean TV show did a survey asking who the sexiest celebrity(가장 섹시한 스타)?

가장(Kajang) means the most.

The first place was won by Hyori Lee.

I think she is not only the sexiest but also the prettiest. 

The second sexiest celebrity is Hyuna from 4 Minute.

She looks very sexy as well.

The third sexiest celebrity is a man, TOP from Big Bang.
He even got chosen as the sexiest male musician on

I think his eyes are sexy. 
The interesting thing is you can hardly find his topless pictures. People think that even though he doesn't show his body, he is still sexy.

But, I still think that Taeyang from Big Bang is much sexier. He is my favorite. :)

I like his smile. I love his eyes! So pretty and sexy!!!! Hehehe.

Who is your 가장 섹시한 스타?