Monday, October 8, 2012

How to be cute writing in Korean

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a person you want to be your boyfriend or a girlfriend, you need to talk cute! So I will teach you how to be cute when you are writing in Korean. You can talk like this, too! (But, be careful! The written form might sound cute, but if you say that, it might creep him/her out! lol.)

First of all,
When you are asking what they are doing, what do you say? If you say 뭐해(Muohae)?, you are not cute. You should say 모해(Mohae)? or 모행(Mohaeng)? with a smiley face ^_^.

When you are saying you were thinking about him, what do you say? 오빠 생각하고 있었어(Oppa Saeng-gak-hago iseoseo). No, no, no, no!!!! 오빠 생각하고 있쪄쪄(Oppa Saeng-gak-hago ijjeojjeo) like a baby trying to talk. You can change everything from '~었어(seoseo)' to '~쪄쪄(jjeojjeo).'

Try these! Your oppa will love you more!!!! hahahaha.


  1. Thanks!!!!!!!! Also, cool name =D

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