Friday, October 5, 2012

Korean Slang that you can not learn from a textbook(1)

Lately, Korean people like to say everything in a short way. These are some of the words that you might not be able to learn at school or on your textbook.

1) 훈남, 훈녀(Hoon-nam, Hoon-nyeo)

훈한 자, 훈한 자 (nice and warm man, nice and warm woman)
This does not mean he or she is literally nice and warm. Their looks make us feel warm and good inside. So we use it to some people whose looks makes us smile. Usually, 훈남, 훈녀 are not extremely good looking, but they are warm hearted and their looks are amicable.

My 훈남 is Taeyang.

I like him so much!!! His eyes are just a master piece of God. hahahahaha (Let's calm down...)

2) 엄친아, 엄친딸 (Umchin-a, Umchin-ddal)

들, (Mom's friend's son, Mom's friend's daughter)
엄친아, 엄친딸 are the people that are good at study and very smart (and sometimes good looking) because our mom's friend's son or daughter is always excelling at school. (That is how our moms nag. lol)

Korea's best 엄친딸 will be 김태희(Kim Taehee).
She is considered as the prettiest actress in Korea, and she even went to Seoul National University which is the number one top university in Korea.

Look at her. It is just not fair. hahaha.

I hope you enjoyed learning these. If you liked it, please comment! Thank you. :)

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