Friday, October 5, 2012

Korean Slang that you can not learn from a textbook(2)

Let's learn some words that you can use on the internet!

1) 리플(liple)

리플 means a reply or a comment. Some might think that 'Wow! They both sound similar!!' Well, 리플 came from reply. hahaha. We just don't have 'r' sound in Korean letter, so we pronounce it as 'liple.'

To leave a comment is 리플 달다(literally means hang a reply).
You can say 리플 달아주세요(Please leave comments.) on your posts.
So...everyone who is looking at this, 리플 달아주세요! lol.

Only people who leave comments will have an opportunity to be held tight like this! lol.

You can also use 댓글(Deat-geul) instead of 리플. They are both the same.

2) 악플 (Akple)

악플 is a bad comment or a vicious comment. 악 means 'bad.' 플 is from 리플.
악성댓글(Aksung-deatgeul) is used as the same meaning as well.
You will use this in 악플금지(No bad comments), 악플은 삼가해주세요(Please abstain from leaving bad comments).

3) 무플 (Moople)

무플 means no comments. 무 means nothing, and again, 플 is from 리플.

People use this in 무플 절망(literally means no reply despair).

This means if you don't leave any comments, this will throw me into despair. This is used next to the title of a post.


  1. This is very informative. You're right, even though I have great Korean textbooks, I have never heard of this. I'm still nervous about speaking though; it takes me a while to form a sentence in my head. lol

  2. I am glad that this is informative for you! Thank you so much for your support and comment!!! hahaha.
    리플 달아줘서 고마워!!!

  3. Wow, I never knew any of this stuff.
    Now my Korean friends will think I'm 대박.

    (한극어 Try)

    와~ 이것 아라 아니요.
    지금 다 한극인 진구는 나 대박 생각해요.
    감사합니다~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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