Thursday, October 25, 2012

Korean beauty standards

I have lived in both places, Korea and USA, so I would like to compare two different standards. I would like to state that this is pretty much just common beauty standard. Everyone has different taste, but there is some common features that people think when they are thinking about a beautiful woman.

When Koreans think about a beauty, this is what they think in their head.

1. Small head(face)

Lots of celebrities are famous for their small faces.

Koreans are obsessed with a small face. They even measure how long their face is on TV programs.

People value the ratio of their head to their body.

Korean celebrities show off their small faces by covering their faces with a cd.

Some people have big faces. They even cut their jaw bones so that they can have a smaller face. 

I don't know if you ever seen this, but we have this kind of tool to massage your jaw line so that you can have slimmer jaw line.

2. Big Eyes (Double eyelids)

You need to have big eyes with double eyelids. Sometimes you don't necessarily have to have double eyelids, but you NEED TO have BIG eyes.

Look at her eyes... So big and pretty.

If they don't have big eyes, they get an eyelid surgery.

We are obsessed with big eyes.

3. A slim body

You don't need to have big boobs or buttocks. All you need is a slim body.

No boobs, No ass. Just slim body. Slim legs.

4. Nice fair skin

Koreans associate fair white skin with innocence. If you have darker skin, people think that is more of sexy than innocence. People like to have nice fair skin so there is cosmetics to whiten your skin.

내 소원은 1년 365일 하얀피부
여성들 가을 겨울에도 피부 미백 관리한다.
If you translate this to English, it is
'My wish is white skin 365 days 1 year.
Women get their skin whitened even in fall and winter.'

If you look at this picture again, not only she has smaller face, she has whiter face since she is more beautiful. lol. This is a picture of an advertisement of a plastic surgery.


If you have all these features, come to Korea!!! You will enjoy your popularity. You might be able to get scouted to become a celebrity on Korean TV! 

Again... people have different tastes. Some Korean celebrities are dark or tanned. They are really popular and pretty!

Have a beautiful day! :)


  1. Wow! Those are very harsh standards for girls to measure themselves against. It is sad for the majority who will not be in the category posted. 2 questions: did this happen in the last decade or 2 since Korea started coming up economically or was the standards like this for many years? Also what are the standards for men?

    1. That is a really good questions!! So... this standard has been formed gradually for the last couple of decades through the celebrities on TV. And... for the standards for men... I can put up a post about that. That is a bit complicated! :D