Friday, November 15, 2013

Top 3 Sexiest Celebrities in Korea

How do you say "Sexy celebrity" in Korean?

"Celebrity" in Korean is 스타(Seuta). 스타 is from "Star" in English.
"Sexy" is 섹시한(Sexihan). -한 makes a none an adjective.

A Korean TV show did a survey asking who the sexiest celebrity(가장 섹시한 스타)?

가장(Kajang) means the most.

The first place was won by Hyori Lee.

I think she is not only the sexiest but also the prettiest. 

The second sexiest celebrity is Hyuna from 4 Minute.

She looks very sexy as well.

The third sexiest celebrity is a man, TOP from Big Bang.
He even got chosen as the sexiest male musician on

I think his eyes are sexy. 
The interesting thing is you can hardly find his topless pictures. People think that even though he doesn't show his body, he is still sexy.

But, I still think that Taeyang from Big Bang is much sexier. He is my favorite. :)

I like his smile. I love his eyes! So pretty and sexy!!!! Hehehe.

Who is your 가장 섹시한 스타?

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