Friday, July 19, 2013

Places to go when Korean people go on a date

Obviously, when Korean people go out on a date, they do the same things as other people such as going to a coffee shop, eating at a restaurant, going to the movies, going to a sport event, etc.

However, there are some places where Korean people like to go when they are hanging out with their friends or dating.

1. 노래방( Noraebang) Karaoke

Karaoke is a place where you can sing with your friends. Korean people love to sing. Even couples go to noraebang to sing together.

2. 커피숍(Keopishob) Coffee shop

As you can see, coffee shops are partitioned. They want to have private tables for them, so lots of coffee shops which are partitioned are popular among couples.

It is like you have your own private space to drink coffee (or make out?).

3. DVD방 (Dibidibang) DVD room

This is a place where you can watch movies in a very small theater. When you go inside, you choose what movie you want to watch and then watch it in a room.

Since DVD rooms can be used as hotels (some people go there to make out and more!), minors can not go there.

4. 멀티방(Meoltibang) Multi room

Nowadays, there are more multi rooms in Korea. There, you can watch movies, sing songs, play games, and drink coffee. You can basically do anything there. You pay per hour and spend time there doing anything.

Even though, the rooms look bright and cute and are advertising that the rooms can be used by minors, since the rooms cannot be supervised by adults, there are rumors that minors will be prohibited to go there soon.

Anyway, Koreans usually go to these kinds of places when they are dating other than going on a picnic, swimming, hiking, driving, etc. like any other people. :)


  1. I have heard about those movie rooms. At least I'll know the next time someone asks me to go with them. lol

  2. Not every Korean likes to go to these places for dating. It depends on personal preference.

  3. hi.. for the pictures you posted, do you by chance have the name/address? it looks pretty cute and I want to visit them when I go to seoul~