Sunday, November 18, 2012

Idioms related to 'Face' (1) 낯 뜨겁다.

1. 낯 뜨겁다 (Nat Teugeobda)

낯 is Face. 뜨겁다 means 'hot.'

When your face turns hot, that means your face turns red and you are embarrassed or shy(blushing).

For example, if someone keeps pointing out your weaknesses, you will say "낯 뜨겁다".
When you see a couple displaying their affection too much in public, you will feel shy and wouldn't like it. 
Then you can say "낯 뜨겁다."

Hey! What are you guys doing???? I am shy. I am blushing.

These are really 낯 뜨거운(When you are using it for an adjective, you use 'Nat Teugeoun)) moments.

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