Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let's sing Ma Boy by Sistar19.

I love this song. I like their dance. Lately, I am practicing this dance routine. Hehehe. Someday, I will upload the video of me dancing to this song if you want....

Really???? O.O

Maybe not...

Comment if you want me to dance to this song. lol.

Oh Ma Boy ~ Oh Ma Boy ~Baby
니가 무슨 사랑을 알아 내 맘만 아파 (niga museun sarangeul ara, nae mam man apa)
What do you know about love? It's my heart that is hurting.

Oh Ma Boy ~ Oh Ma Boy ~Baby
니가 어떻게 내 맘을 알아(niga eotteohke nae mameul ara) Don't let me down Boy
How would you know my heart?

You can make a request for other kpop songs through comments. :)

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  1. Could you do the song 그XX by G-Dragon? :) I really like your lessons.